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Our New Vegan Children's Book is Published!

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“With Great Power comes great Responsibility.” ~Uncle Ben, Spiderman.

Humankind has the power to end the suffering & exploitation of all living beings on our beautiful planet. Every choice that we make, every step that we take, every dish that we serve can lead to a better world. And we want to pass that on to our children. The Next Vegan Generation.
The Green Soul Project

Now Available: Our Vegan Children's Book

We are excited to announce that our Children’s Book “How Sima became a Hero” is officially published and available HERE or in our SHOP!

Vegan Children's Book

Teaching Children Social Responsibility

The story of a little girl who decides to go out to the world to make a difference.

A Future of Compassion

An inspiring book teaching children & adults alike to choose compassion over taste.  

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The Power of Love

Learn more about us and our mission to make a change..for them!

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